Johnsons Vauxhall Breakers Johnsons Vauxhall Breakers
Johnsons Vauxhall Breakers

An exciting e-commerce store providing specialised Vauxhall parts to customers throughout the UK.

We were approached by Johnsons Vauxhall Breakers to produce a new e-commerce store as their previous website was underperforming. The breaker yard market is traditionally filled with cliche websites that are dated and uninspiring, something we wanted to change.

Whether you're trading car parts or clothing, a successful e-commerce website requires certain starting points; user friendly design, products that are very easy to find and fantastic images. There's many other important factors in producing a successful e-commerce website, but with these three rules as our starting point, we decided to produce a very clean and modern online concept that represents a professional and trustworthy company where customers would feel highly confident to purchase from.